Born and based in Paris, France, I have been a creative freelance in advertising for the last 12 years working with agencies and brands internationally focusing mainly on using the internet to invent new ways for brands to express themselves.

3 years ago I started a film company to produce animated films. The first films went viral and as a result my career slightly shifted. I now concentrate also on film production for music industry artists such as CeeLo Green, Drake, Bilal, or The Weeknd for music videos as well as advertising films.

Current very exciting project in the works is an animated motion series starring CeeLo Green and guests called Mantazia. Part of a large scale content commissioned by Warner Music Group.

Clients :
DDB, DDB Digital, Rapp Collins, Plug Research, Tyku Sake, CeeLo Green, Drake, Bilal, The Weeknd, Dirty Radio, Leo Burnett, Change, Piment, Publicis, Publicis Dialog, Publicis Net, Supergazole, McCaan, MRM, Agence V, Draft FCB, Euro C&O, Euro 360, Euro 4D, Grrrey! G2, Calligari Berville Grey, IMP Teasing, Ogilvy One, Ogilvy, Tribal DDB, Duke, Le Public Système, Buzzman, Isobar, Visual Link, LA Worldwide, CRM, Business Lab, Linking Brand, Wunderman, WMG, ...

3 visuals for SBT News, Brazil. Agency : Marcel Worldwide, ECD : Erik Vervroegen, CD : Bastien Grisolet, AD : Marjorie Vardo

Music video for CeeLo Green for the track Bodies from his freshman LP The Ladykilla

I was surprised that ABC News wanted to interview me about my work. Also thrilled to be on a boat using Skype video on my iPhone to do this. So Anno Domini era.

Interactive campaign / Online game for Microsoft's security software Forefront. Combat contaminated PC Zombies or cure them before they turn !

Agency : Wunderman

360° campaign (press, bus stops, interactive advertising)
for Alcatel's One Touch phone collection.

Agency : Visual Link


Interactive campaign / Online game for La Prévention Routière.

How to get through to unsuspecting teenagers, convinced they are immortals, of the dangers and risks of getting high and riding a scooter. We let them try the 'Crash Machine' so they can see what happens next.

Agency : V

see the animation (demo version)

It started out as a little 30 sec. mix of live shots and Jankyvision animations of Drake's performance at Bercy in Paris, France in 2011 and then turned into a full on music video for the track We'll Be Fine as requested by Drake and friends. Finally, it was mysteriously shelved.

A year later I decided to released the video with Verdi's Don Carlo as the inspiring soundtrack.

Conception of promotional design items for Paris Fashion Week.

Agency : Publicis Dialog

'A time-traveling, science fiction battle of the sexes' - Pitchfork

My most seen video with over 2 million views and a very personal piece of work.

I can remember how Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd and I met. Fast. I met the very cool Anthony Demby who managed Quadron at the time. Briefly in Paris for a show. He asked who I most desired to work with and I told him The Weeknd that I was listening to daily since I having fallen in love with his first mixtape House Of Balloons. One of the most brilliant R&B album I have ever listened to.

Within 48 hours, my work was introduced to him via email and we were soon talking on the phone. We set things up, I wrote a story and a couple of months later I was on my own cash in Toronto, Canada shooting him from head to toe to have all the material needed once back home to make this video.

I have never been this inspired by a song and a moment in my life to create a story. The timing in which this was done seemed a bit like a destiny.

Scenes from promotional film
see the film

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