A follow up Jankyvision music video for The Avener for the track Castle In The Snow with Kadebostany.
JANKYVISION 2015 for Capitol Records / Universal

New Jankyvision music video to start off the year 2015 ! The Avener for his track Hate Street Dialogue ft. Sixto Rodriguez from his freshman LP The Wanderings Of The Avener.
JANKYVISION 2015 for Capitol Records / Universal

Interactive campaign / Online game for Knorr's Soupissime. An instant soup revolution that replaces the traditional powder by a more convincing soup-looking paste. Travel though time, find the appropriate utensils, and figure out how to make yourself a soup from the 50's to nowadays.

Agency : Publicis K1

3 visuals for SBT News, Brazil.

Agency : Marcel Wordwide, ECD : Erik Vervroegen, CD : Bastien Grisolet, AD : Marjorie Vardo

Music video for CeeLo Green for the track Bodies from his freshman LP The Ladykilla

Interactive campaign / Online game for Microsoft's security software Forefront. Combat contaminated PC Zombies or cure them before they turn !

Agency : Wunderman

360° campaign (press, bus stops, interactive advertising)
for Alcatel's One Touch phone collection.

Agency : Visual Link

Interactive campaign / Online game for La Prévention Routière.

How to get through to unsuspecting teenagers, convinced they are immortals, of the dangers and risks of getting high and riding a scooter. We let them try the 'Crash Machine' so they can see what happens next.

Agency : V

see the animation (demo version)

It started out as a little 30 sec. mix of live shots and Jankyvision animations of Drake's performance at Bercy in Paris, France in 2011 and then turned into a full on music video for the track We'll Be Fine as requested by Drake and friends. Finally, it was mysteriously shelved.

A year later I decided to released the video with Verdi's Don Carlo as the inspiring soundtrack.

Conception of promotional design items for Paris Fashion Week.

Agency : Publicis Dialog

'A time-traveling, science fiction battle of the sexes' - Pitchfork

My most seen video with over 2 million views and a very personal piece of work.

I can remember how Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd and I met. Fast. I met the very cool Anthony Demby who managed Quadron at the time. Briefly in Paris for a show. He asked who I most desired to work with and I told him The Weeknd that I was listening to daily since I having fallen in love with his first mixtape House Of Balloons. One of the most brilliant R&B album I have ever listened to.

Within 48 hours, my work was introduced to him via email and we were soon talking on the phone. We set things up, I wrote a story and a couple of months later I was on my own cash in Toronto, Canada shooting him from head to toe to have all the material needed once back home to make this video.

I have never been this inspired by a song and a moment in my life to create a story. The timing in which this was done seemed a bit like a destiny.

Scenes from promotional film
see the film
Brand site

Institutional Group website

It is nice to distort fashion with Jankyvision. I recommend it.

DSI Affinity micro-site

Reggie B. is an amazing RnB singer and musician from Topeka, Kansas that I have always been a big fan of. For me he represents a true and unique musical entity that rules a planet of his own and the whole nine yards that make real artists.

We met through Skype 3 or 4 years ago when I started doing the Jankyvision videos, around the time I did the one for Bilal. We we're serious fans of each other's work and we knew we we're to collaborate.

6 months ago, Reggie wrote and produced the entire score for my animated mini-series starring CeeLo Green called Mantazia which is still undergoing production as we speak. A couple months later, he released his latest LP DNA. I couldn't resist the track Hypnotized.

The result is a 4 mn. Jankyvision video and 3 posters.


Photography and artwork for Häzel's Playground LP


TV spot

I met CeeLo Green after releasing on the internet the video I had done for his track Bodies off his first album Lady Killa. Our encounter resulted in many different film projects and among them some advertising. It's always a lot of fun to work with him.

Making of :)

See-through Flash animation on MSN
see the animation

Agency : Tribal DDB Paris

Film & website
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