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One of Britain’s Top Young Composers (Just Don’t Call Her Classical)

Anna Meredith has written music for orchestras and choirs. But her latest venture is an album with her band.

Credit…Tom Jamieson for The New York Times

LONDON — In a cramped, down-at-the-heels rehearsal room, the composer Anna Meredith was frowning at her laptop. In front of her were an electronic keyboard, a sound mixer bristling with knobs, two drums and a toy xylophone. A clarinet on a stand stood on the floor next to an electronic drum pad. After a short pause, Ms. Meredith picked up the clarinet, grimaced and glanced across at her bandmates. “Now, if I could just remember what I’m meant to be doing on this one, that would be terrific,” she said.

It was just over a week before the launch gig for her second album, and Ms. Meredith could be forgiven a touch of stage fright. The last time she was preparing to debut a major work was summer 2018 for the Proms festival at the Royal Albert Hall. Her ensemble on that occasion included the combined forces of the BBC Symphony Orchestra, the BBC Proms Youth Ensemble and a large choir.

Today, however, things were a little more D.I.Y.: a tight-knit group of electric guitar, cello, tuba, drums and electronics. Not to mention the composer herself, responsible for all the instruments in front of her.

Musical history is full of pop stars who yearn to be taken seriously on the classical side of the aisle, but the traffic rarely runs the other way. Ms. Meredith is a rare exception.

One of the most established British composers of her generation, Ms. Meredith in recent years has been popping up in the most unexpected of places. A few weeks after that Proms debut, she released a recording of her “collaboration” with Vivaldi, a joyously irreverent response to “The Four Seasons” using a combination of electronics and live instruments. A few weeks later still, she was back onstage, touring boutique summer festivals with her band.

Her music defies the usual attempts at categorization. In the last decade, Ms. Meredith has written a concerto for beatboxer and orchestra, a “gigue” for dance mat and electronics, a piece for chamber group plus recorded M.R.I. scanner, and a body-percussion piece for an orchestra to perform without instruments (“HandsFree”).

Animated by exuberant, juddering cross-rhythms, vaulting easily from frenetic, Terry Riley-ish minimalism to tranquil introspection, Ms. Meredith’s compositions seem to contain whole worlds. As blaring brass fanfares à la Janaceck collide with surges of caffeinated power pop, you find yourself wondering where she will go next.

Ms. Meredith isn’t always sure herself. “Someone once compared me to a shark,” she said in an interview. “It’s true: I do really like to keep moving.”

The new album, entitled “Fibs,” is as skittishly inventive as anything Ms. Meredith has written. The opening track, “Sawbones,” builds from a manic tuba and electric guitar riff to a maddeningly catchy chorus that wouldn’t be out of place at a 1990s club night. There are quieter moments, too: In “Moonmoons,” a graceful, melodic cello line soars over cooing owl sounds and plucked strings.

“The thing about playing Anna’s music is that it’s constantly changing,” said Maddie Cutter, the cellist on “Moonmoons.” “One minute you have a lovely melody, the next you’re doing these wild percussive chromatic things. Then there are all the crazy time signatures. You have to be really clued-up.”

Born in 1978, Ms. Meredith grew up near Edinburgh. As a teenager, she took clarinet lessons and played in a youth orchestra, but had little sense that music was her thing. Her first formal composition, written in high school, was for electronic keyboard, and required that the performer keep their hands on the keys, hitting the buttons that changed the instrument’s sound with their nose. (“Maybe I should dig it out,” she said, laughing.) It wasn’t until studying music at the University of York, then specializing in composition at the Royal College of Music, that she realized her gifts might be in any way unusual.

Success came early. By her mid-20s, she was composer-in-residence with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra; by 28, she had won a coveted commission to write a piece for the Last Night of the Proms, the biggest jamboree in Britain’s classical musical calendar, which is broadcast around the world by the BBC. The piece she wrote, “Froms,” performed simultaneously by five orchestras, was, like many things Ms. Meredith has composed since, swaggeringly ambitious.

“The composing me is pretty badass,” she said. “When I’m working on something big, I feel totally unfazed.”

Yet she often felt uncertain about whether she really belonged in the contemporary music establishment, she said. Pulling a face, Ms. Meredith described once spending months writing an orchestral piece on commission, and being utterly dispirited by its debut performance. “The players didn’t seem to care, the audience didn’t seem to care, no one looked like they of it were having a good time,” she said. “And the piece was only played once, there was no recording; that was its only chance.”

This wasn’t a criticism of the way the classical world operates, she insisted: “I know I’ve been enormously lucky to get those commissions. I just wanted to do something where I had more control.”

So she decided to think more like a pop artist, and focus on writing tracks for an EP rather than pieces for live performance, she said. She also decided to follow in the footsteps of composers like Steve Reich and Philip Glass, and build a permanent ensemble. Sam Wilson, a percussionist and vocalist joined the group; as did a guitarist, Jack Ross; a tuba player, Tom Kelly; and, later, Ms. Cutter.

The group’s first album, “Varmints,” was released in 2016 to a mixture of acclaim and faint bewilderment.

Ms. Meredith said that, while some critics seemed surprised by her change in direction, she was really only irked by suggestions that somehow she was selling out in attempting more commercial projects. “It’s ridiculous, that assumption,” she said. “For a start, there’s so much more infrastructure and support in contemporary classical music, at least in the U.K.”

Ms. Meredith isn’t alone in trying to change assumptions about where contemporary music should be heard, or how. Just as composers like Olafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm, Mica Levi, Nico Muhly and Max Richter have become fixtures at festivals in the United States and mainland Europe, Britain seems to be in the midst of a boom in so-called neoclassical music.

The niche label Erased Tapes, based in East London, has found unexpected success with recordings of mellow, stripped-back instrumental music — so much so that Decca has followed with its own “postclassical” label, Mercury KX.

The London composer Gabriel Prokofiev’s long-established “Nonclassical” live events — somewhere between club nights and contemporary music sessions — have been an important showcase for projects that sit between techno, electronica, D.J.-led dance music and video art.

“There’s a lot of experimentation right now,” said the radio host Elizabeth Alker, whose show “Unclassified” is devoted to new music that straddles contemporary, alternative, minimal and numerous other adjectives. It has been a surprise hit on BBC Radio 3, an unabashedly highbrow classical music station. “Performers are thinking much more about the live experience, and audiences seem genuinely curious,” Ms. Alker said. “I honestly think they don’t care which category something fits in — or doesn’t.”

Ms. Meredith also said she felt that the musical landscape around her was in flux; having once experienced a degree of anxiety about where to place herself, she no longer entirely cared. “At the moment, I think my biography says ‘composer, producer, performer,’ which I think is maybe a bit much,” she said, then raised her eyebrows. “How about just ‘musician’?”

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Strike the Beach in Style: Neoprene Handbags and Accessories to Rock on the Sand

Strike the Beach in Style: Neoprene Handbags and Accessories to Rock on the Sand

Striped with crochet patterns, our floppy hat is the ultimate design boost for your beach looks. Natural product makes this large style the best sunshine pick. Read more at https://www.nicheforbeach.com/products/designer-neoprene-handbags-for-women.

When you’re loading for a family holiday or a women getaway, it is essential to have a carry bag that’ll fit your beach checks out, sunscreen (don’t forget to reapply!) and … the very best sun hat. Not just will it complete your cute summer attire, but it’ll also help block the rays and perhaps avoid age areas. Not to mention, a glam floppy hat looks fantastic on the ‘gram. Whether you desire an easy packable visor or statement woven straw hat, these choices will have you reserving your next escape.

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Strike the beach in design this season with these elegant summer season fundamentals, cool devices, and high-tech gadgets implied to take your warm escape to the next level. If you have actually currently picked out your destination, it implies it’s time to prepare for your next trip to the ocean. Sure, you will keep in mind to pack a sophisticated swimwear and a cool set of sunglasses, however don’t forget to bring along those little extras that make all the difference.

From swimsuit, bags, and flip flops to the most recent beach devices, we’ve got you ready for a trendy, exciting summer in the sand.

Sandless Beach Mat

Take advantage of your trip to the seaside with CGear Sand-Free MultiMat, a sandless beach blanket which keeps you and your belongings clean. Including two separate dual-weave layers, the revolutionary ground sheet keeps dirt and dust away, ensuring an unworried sand-free experience on the coastline. Undoubtedly, this beach device is one of the most intelligent developments ever!

Lunch Bag Lunch Box

Move over, boring paper bags! Handmade totes are a much classy way to bring your lunch to the beach these days. Insulated with sealed interior lining and complete with a helpful front pocket, this small, light-weight cooler bag will keep your food cold and fresh in hot weather, while likewise producing an attractive beach device. And the very best part, you can pick from a variety of enjoyable, colorful fonts and also personalize your lunch box with your initials in the color of your option.

Beach fashion never ever heads out of design, and the Lanzom Beach Hat is the ultimate example of classic beach fashion. Made from premium woven straw, this elegant hat is equivalent parts flash and operate. Sure, it looks fantastic, but it likewise manages to be extremely comfortable due to its light-weight, breathable building. The benefits do not stop there; though, this hat also provides security from the sun, which is a crucial characteristic when at the beach for prolonged amount of times.

Dermatologists will always tout the benefits of sunscreen above all other approaches and items utilized to protect versus the sun, however a quality sun hat for sun defense is right up there on the list. There’s one caution though: a proper sun hat must cover your entire face and scalp– so it preferably has a complete brim that safeguards much better than a baseball cap or visor. If it’s made with UPF 50 materials, well, all the much better.

Summer season is here and we’re already preparing our next kayaking journeys or beach get-together. Among the things you shouldn’t overlook when making plans is picking an excellent hat, whether it’s for a vacation or for everyday use.

We’re bringing the heat all summer with our latest collection of beachwear. This year we’re loving fruit prints and animal prints in summery hues, seen on beach clothes and sarongs to throw over your favorite swimwears. From beach pants in flattering black to floaty beach tops to layer over your new bikini, we have actually got all the beachwear you need to hit the sand and sea in design this summertime.

Not using a protective head wear during summer isn’t just uneasy, however it can be a health danger, too. Search our reviews of the best sun hats to consider this year; after this, choosing the one that matches you most ought to be a breeze.

On this list you’ll discover hats that keep you cool under the sun and hats that provide ample coverage to prevent sunburn and other UV damage. Since a sun hat is something you’ll use typically, your individual style and taste will clearly have a lot to do with the hat you choose, but these alternatives (though very adorable) concentrate on performance first, and design 2nd. The significant function that all of these hats have in common is that they are all travel-friendly alternatives that will not lose their shape when you load them for a trip.

Whether you’re basking under the summertime sun at the beach, relaxing by the swimming pool, or settling back with good friends at the lake, a fantastic hat can keep you cool and comfy even when the sun is high in the sky.

It can also be the perfect addition to an excellent selfie image shoot!

This very charming NicheforBeach beach hat for women is handmade and features a “Greetings From” message on the leading to let you flaunt your own individual style while also sharing where you’re investing the day.

Large, comfortable, and perfect for keeping the sun off of your face, neck, and shoulders, these premium straw hats are ideal for travelers who are on trip or just investing some time in the outdoors.

Initial Style

Handmade by artisans, these straw hats each function a trendy look, lovely feel, and comfy style along with a black hat band to help them keep kind and function for long-lasting quality usage.

Hold up; this is no normal choice of beach cover-ups. Get instant blog writer vibes from our killer range of swimsuit conceal and kaftans. If you like a little extra cover round the pool or plan to head directly from the beach to an all-night party, then you require to make room on your packaging hit list for a bathing match cover too include some severe glam to your vacay look.

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Secure Your Skin

The bigger large design and flexible brim offer much better protection for your face, shoulders, and chest, especially when you’re relaxing outside under the summer season sun. This is essential to assist prevent early aging!

Endless Travel Enjoyable

These beach hats can be used simply for enjoyable selfies or for helping to shut out the sun. In truth, the oversized style sets terrific with shawls, swimwear, or even regular day-to-day wear to help you get the perfect appearance.

Couple of know that beachwear for women also have trends that alter from year to year, which indicates, if you desire yourself to be considered as a fashionista, register for our newsletter and keep yourself updated. There is far more occurring in here than simply beach towels, environment-friendly bags, shoes, hats, and lunch boxes.

Get among these enjoyable and versatile straw hats today and make your next holiday one to keep in mind for convenience, style, and great selfies!

Lady Gaga: Start your tour with a shocking change of image

Lady Gaga has returned to the stage after the break caused by her illness. He has done it in Barcelona, in the first of the two concerts at the Palau Sant Jordi, and he has done it in style. With an intense concert where it has been delivered to an audience, which sold out all the tickets. Mind you, get ready to see a Lady Gaga more changed than ever. A change of image that has impacted its fans.

Related image

A few months ago Lady Gaga left with her mouth open to all her fans when she announced that she was postponing her tour because of her fibromyalgia problems. Well, he has returned and he has done it through the front door. Barcelona, the first city of his return, surrendered to the pop star. On this occasion, he drew attention to the soberness of his wardrobe. No makeup or outlandish dresses, we saw a Lady Gaga soberer than ever.

Naked stage, with a long mobile platform that has been filled with dancers as the singer went to glam-rock in A-Yo and took the landmark poker face out of the hat. She started the show like a cowgirl with a glitter hat on Diamond heart, between nostalgic stanzas of when she was “young and wild” and allusions to that rape: “an asshole ruined and ruined my innocence”, which she told a few months ago. make public their problem.

Image result for Lady Gaga: Start your tour with a shocking change of image

Lady Gaga: Support the LGBT community

Lady Gaga spent so much time singing and talking. “How many members of the LGBT community are there? How many are not? It does not matter, we love everyone. ” And we already know that the artist is a defender of rights.

Gaga, the richest young woman in the world, started in Barcelona the European section of her “Joanne World Tour”, with which she presents her latest album, “Joanne”, entitled in homage to a deceased aunt of his. In October, Gaga announced the reprogramming of the European tour, in which the spectators will be able to listen to their usual songs, but also their fifth studio album, ‘Joanne’, disc that debuted recently at number 1 of the Billboard list , standing as the first female artist to achieve it four times consecutively in this decade.

What do you think of his return? Do you think it was up to the expectations?

Director Bryan Singer is accused of raping a 17-year-old boy

A few days after being fired as director of the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody,” filmmaker Bryan Singer was sued on Thursday in Washington state on charges of raping a minor in 2003, according to media reports specialized.

The victim, Cesar Sanchez-Guzman, accused Singer of raping him on a yacht when he was seventeen. According to his testimony, the director forced the young man to have oral sex on him and then penetrated him.

Later, Singer told the young man that he was a well-known Hollywood producer and that he could help him enter the industry with roles as an actor if he did not reveal what happened.

Image result for Director Bryan Singer is accused of raping a 17-year-old boy

“He told Caesar that no one would believe if he reported the incident and that he would hire people who could ruin his reputation,” the suit filed in a Seattle court.

The yacht was owned by Lester Waters, a billionaire investor in the world of technology “who often organized gay homosexual parties in the Seattle area,” according to the text.

It’s not the first time Singer has been accused of anything like this.

Three years ago he was accused by Michael Egan III of sexual abuse when he was a minor in 1999.

Egan III stated that she was “repeatedly raped” in a Los Angeles (California) mansion where “sordid parties” were routinely performed in which guests, related to the Hollywood industry, were naked and had sex with teenagers.

The 20th Century Fox studio fired Bryan Singer last Monday for the post of director of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” a movie about British band Queen.

Image result for Director Bryan Singer is accused of raping a 17-year-old boy

The decision was made because of the filmmaker’s repeated absences on the set of the film.

Earlier, Fox had announced on the 1st of this month that the recording was temporarily suspended because of an “unexpected problem” of Singer.

A representative of the producer stated that his absence was due to a “personal health issue.”

The director, 52, has signed films such as “The Suspects,” “Superman Returns,” and four of the “X-Men” saga.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” is set to hit theaters on Christmas Day 2018.


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