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Eagles and Mexican hotel group agree on the name “Hotel California”

Music group The Eagles and owners of a Mexican hotel reached an agreement on Thursday and ended a lawsuit filed by the American band in May last year on alleged misuse of the name “Hotel California,” which gives the title to his most famous song.

“This matter has been settled with an agreement between the parties,” attorney Tom Jirgal, who represents the group, said in a statement published on Billboard’s website, but that it does not provide details of the agreement’s content.

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The prosecution and defense jointly rejected the suit in a federal court in Los Angeles, California, while the US Patent and Trademark Office accepted the hotel’s request to abandon its registration petition.

The Eagles claimed in their complaint that the owners of Hotel California in Todos Santos, a town in Baja California (Mexico), made their guests believe that the place had some relationship with the song since 2001.

The band denied that “Hotel California” had anything to do with this establishment, demanded that its owners stop profiting by using the name of the song and demanded compensation.

On their website, the hotel speaks of “legends” that point to a connection between the place and the song of the musical group but explicitly states that their owners “have no affiliation or promote any association” with the band.

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“Hotel California” was part of the 1976 eponymous album of the Eagles, the best-selling rock band led by Glenn Frey and Don Henley.

The song became the biggest hit of the Eagles and fueled all sorts of stories about the famous hotel, from the one located in Mexico and even referred to a psychiatric center in Los Angeles.

The mysterious lyrics of “Hotel California” were interpreted as a metaphor for the excesses of artists’ lives, as well as a twilight look at the American dream and some even noted that they included satanic messages.

Blake Shelton, the sexiest man alive

Blake Shelton, a 42-year-old country singer with blue eyes, has the privilege of being the sexiest man in the world for People magazine. How about?

Girls, we already have the sexiest man alive of 2017. It’s Blake Shelton . The country singer , who is very popular in the United States for his role as judge in the La Voz program , has been named this year’s People magazine. The artist is 41 years old and is the boyfriend of the rocker Gwen Stefani , the former No Doubt. If you want to know more information about him, we’ll tell you about it.

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Blake Shelton is the sexiest living man of 2017 for People magazine . In this way, the country singer joins a list that includes names of the caliber of David Beckham, Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Brad Pitt or Chris Hemsworth. Therefore, you can be very proud of this award.

It is the first time that this beauty award falls on a country singer, and also has much merit, because Blake, he says, has not always been so sexy. “I’ve always considered myself ugly,” says the winner himself, who recognizes that as a child he was a boy with many extra kilos. Now that he appears on television he tries to stay fit and eat healthy. Although the jalapeños are their bane for this blue-eyed man .

Although in Spain it is not well known, in the United States it has been very popular since 2011 for being one of the most emblematic ‘coaches’ of La Voz, the Telecinco program that sweeps away on Friday nights, and where in its 4 edition it won For the first time a woman .

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Blake Shelton: Private life

His love life is very interesting, since he was married for many years to Miranda Lambert , a country couple who got married in 2011, but they were together since 2010. However, in the life of Blake appeared the rocker Gwen Stefani, former member No Doubt, and the crush was immediate . She is so happy “She tells me ‘listen to me, you will regret the rest of your life if you do not take this gift and you just live the moment,’ confesses Shelton to the magazine that has given him the prize.

What do you think of this year’s title? Does Blake Shelton deserve the title of the sexiest man alive in the world?

Lady Gaga: Start your tour with a shocking change of image

Lady Gaga has returned to the stage after the break caused by her illness. He has done it in Barcelona, in the first of the two concerts at the Palau Sant Jordi, and he has done it in style. With an intense concert where it has been delivered to an audience, which sold out all the tickets. Mind you, get ready to see a Lady Gaga more changed than ever. A change of image that has impacted its fans.

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A few months ago Lady Gaga left with her mouth open to all her fans when she announced that she was postponing her tour because of her fibromyalgia problems. Well, he has returned and he has done it through the front door. Barcelona, the first city of his return, surrendered to the pop star. On this occasion, he drew attention to the soberness of his wardrobe. No makeup or outlandish dresses, we saw a Lady Gaga soberer than ever.

Naked stage, with a long mobile platform that has been filled with dancers as the singer went to glam-rock in A-Yo and took the landmark poker face out of the hat. She started the show like a cowgirl with a glitter hat on Diamond heart, between nostalgic stanzas of when she was “young and wild” and allusions to that rape: “an asshole ruined and ruined my innocence”, which she told a few months ago. make public their problem.

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Lady Gaga: Support the LGBT community

Lady Gaga spent so much time singing and talking. “How many members of the LGBT community are there? How many are not? It does not matter, we love everyone. ” And we already know that the artist is a defender of rights.

Gaga, the richest young woman in the world, started in Barcelona the European section of her “Joanne World Tour”, with which she presents her latest album, “Joanne”, entitled in homage to a deceased aunt of his. In October, Gaga announced the reprogramming of the European tour, in which the spectators will be able to listen to their usual songs, but also their fifth studio album, ‘Joanne’, disc that debuted recently at number 1 of the Billboard list , standing as the first female artist to achieve it four times consecutively in this decade.

What do you think of his return? Do you think it was up to the expectations?

Director Bryan Singer is accused of raping a 17-year-old boy

A few days after being fired as director of the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody,” filmmaker Bryan Singer was sued on Thursday in Washington state on charges of raping a minor in 2003, according to media reports specialized.

The victim, Cesar Sanchez-Guzman, accused Singer of raping him on a yacht when he was seventeen. According to his testimony, the director forced the young man to have oral sex on him and then penetrated him.

Later, Singer told the young man that he was a well-known Hollywood producer and that he could help him enter the industry with roles as an actor if he did not reveal what happened.

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“He told Caesar that no one would believe if he reported the incident and that he would hire people who could ruin his reputation,” the suit filed in a Seattle court.

The yacht was owned by Lester Waters, a billionaire investor in the world of technology “who often organized gay homosexual parties in the Seattle area,” according to the text.

It’s not the first time Singer has been accused of anything like this.

Three years ago he was accused by Michael Egan III of sexual abuse when he was a minor in 1999.

Egan III stated that she was “repeatedly raped” in a Los Angeles (California) mansion where “sordid parties” were routinely performed in which guests, related to the Hollywood industry, were naked and had sex with teenagers.

The 20th Century Fox studio fired Bryan Singer last Monday for the post of director of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” a movie about British band Queen.

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The decision was made because of the filmmaker’s repeated absences on the set of the film.

Earlier, Fox had announced on the 1st of this month that the recording was temporarily suspended because of an “unexpected problem” of Singer.

A representative of the producer stated that his absence was due to a “personal health issue.”

The director, 52, has signed films such as “The Suspects,” “Superman Returns,” and four of the “X-Men” saga.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” is set to hit theaters on Christmas Day 2018.


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