Celebrities without makeup: Photos before and after

Do you recognize celebrities without makeup? It really is complicated. And, is that many of them will have cursed the photographer who at some point caught them with their faces washed and unfixed. Paz Vega, Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez … The stars of Hollywood and the rest of the world have seen photos posted that, sure, they would like to forget.

We are used to seeing the stars wearing spectacular dresses and full of glamor. But, there are times when luck is not on your side and … wham! They hunt them with some hairs … some faces … How scary!


If we had to make a ranking of celebrities without makeup, we would have difficulty. But, we will make an effort. And, we will also do it gradually to avoid collapse.

Sara Carbonero, who has accustomed us to wear a very trendy look, has dazzled half the world with her beauty and naturalness. However, he also has his carelessness. And, although its unsettled appearance is not as striking as in other cases, without makeup it loses some brightness.

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In the next ranking, we find our most international actress. There are many red carpets in which we have seen Penélope Cruz wearing party dresses and a make-up own of a star. But, even she has her carelessness. If you do not believe it, look at this photograph published in the journals of the heart. A little makeup hand would not have been more, Pe …

Another of the stars of Hollywood that always stands out is Angelina Jolie. But, in this case, it does it for the opposite … Angelina, please, we do not ask you to paint yourself as to go to the Oscars, but a foundation of makeup, some rouge …! Something that happy that face would not have been more!

But, do not think that Angelina Jolie’s is one of the worst cases. The next celebrity could pass for a distant relative of the mouse Little Stuart. But no. Who hides behind that face is … Eva Longoria! We imagine that after seeing the photo published it would be a ” desperate woman ” for putting on makeup.

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And, at the top of the ranking, a woman incombustible not to say older, older, older: Cher. It has long since lost track of the operations to which it has been subjected. And, although she looks radiant at parties, when she is not in them she forgets to put on makeup in the same way as her age.

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