Jennifer Lawrence proved that nobody sees her movies

The actress went out to the street posing as a stranger to ask if they knew any movie of hers, and see what surprising answers she took.

It sounds hard but it’s the reality, nobody sees the Jennifer Lawrence movies. And she has proven it in her own flesh. Lawrence had no qualms about going to Hollywood Boulevard to ask about his CV at the movies and the truth is that the response of passers-by is not wasted, is that almost nobody knew movies where the pretty blonde had gone. A disappointment that was taken with humor.

We go with a game. List movies where Jennifer Lawrence has left. Take a few seconds How many have you said? Well, if you follow the general trend, maybe one or none. Because that is the average. Surely you’ve said The Hunger Games, and little else, right?

Jennifer Lawrence proved in the first person that nobody sees her films. The actress went out and asked people about their jobs during a visit to a nightly talk show in the United States. And the most curious thing is that some even did not even know that they were facing one of the most important actresses of recent years. It was also shown that not everyone who goes through the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles is experts in the cinema. What we do have clear is that Lawrence is one of the actresses with more style, as shown in these five looks. This is the surprising and fun result.

Jennifer Lawrence: Her films

By the way, you know that Jennifer has a great curriculum since she has appeared in such successful films as Passengers, The Good Side of Things, The Great American Scam or Blood Ties. Do you remember them? Here is a review of his best moments in Hollywood.

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Jennifer Lawrence: Sexual Harassment in Hollywood

In addition, the interview served to learn its origins in the world of cinema. “When I was much younger and my career began, the producers of a film told me to lose 15 pounds in two weeks,” revealed Jennifer Lawrence, as the 27-year-old performer has offered a speech to tell the “degrading” episodes that she had to experience when she was trying to carve out a space for herself as an actress. Fortunately, she has not suffered any case of sexual harassment as many compaƱeras have denounced during these days.

Jennifer Lawrence, the ex-Chris Martin, has a humor that would like more than one to fit unexpected responses. We are sure that the blonde will not be part of that list of celebrities with bad character.

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