Usher: Reported for infecting two women with herpes

The singer has been sued for twenty million dollars since he is accused of spreading this ETS to three people, one of them a man.

The singer Usher Ushe has been sued again for herpes infection. Two women and one man have filed complaints against the singer as revealed by People magazine, the judicial problems are complicated to the 38-year-old composer who will have to face several demands for having hidden and spread the venereal disease to several people. One of the plaintiffs, aged 21, claimed the musician about 20 million for this fact.

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It is clear that Usher, a friend of singer Justin Bieber, has made a serious mistake and has to pay for it. Lawyer Lisa Bloom, known for representing Blac Chyna, former partner of Rob Kardashian, is the lawyer responsible for defending the complainants, who have been infected with herpes by the singer after having sex with him.

In recent hours it has been known that two of the accusers prefer to remain anonymous, while a third, Quantasia Sharpton, offered a press conference in which he said he had attended one of his concerts three years ago and have had sex with the musical star. Now he is claiming 20 million dollars for this genital herpes infection. Here you can know much more about this ETS.

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Usher: Sex in the concerts

The complainants confessed to having had sex with the coach of La Voz Americana, who for some years has his stepson in brain death because he is a “celebrity in whom they believed they could trust”. Now they suffer from stress, depression, and anxiety from who knew the contagion.

The lawsuits specify where and when they had sex with the music producer and demand that the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, a basketball team, speak publicly about the illness he suffers. So, the best thing in these cases is prevention, and for that, you have to know how to do it, since ETS can ruin your life.

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