The ultimate guide on hanging a canvas print

Canvas prints are the perfect way to freshen up your home. Check Parrot Print Canvas for best printing deals. Offering a quick and price-efficient fix that doesn’t mean having to get out the paint tins or repositioning your furniture, they will instantly create a new look to your space. And as noninvasive and simple as they are to hang in a room, it’s important to get it right the first time, so that you can avoid any unnecessary holes in your wall or faff. To make things easier we’ve created the ultimate guide on how to hang a canvas print, that will take you from its position to some expert hanging tips. Read on and find out all you need to know.

1. First thing’s first: Decide where your canvas print will hang

Is your canvas print going to create a feature wall, brighten up an obscure corner, or will it become part of a gallery wall? Before you buy your print, make sure that you have a clear vision of how it will look in your space and its impact on your home.

If you plan on hanging your print above a sofa or a piece of furniture, try to match its exact dimensions for the best effect. A canvas that matches your sofa width perfectly will look expensive, professional and well considered. If you plan on introducing smaller canvas prints to a gallery wall, it’s important that you are certain your canvas print will look good alongside any other artworks that you may have. Look for canvas prints that feature similar colors and prints, and opt for a canvas size that mirrors a frame or print that you already have on your gallery wall.

Expert tip: To experiment and plan where your canvas print will go, use a piece of paper that meets your canvas print dimensions.

You can use this to play with the positioning of your print and decide on the best spot to hang it. It’s also a great way to experiment with more adventurous placement, without any commitment. An alternative to paper is masking tape.

2. Ensure that your height proportions are right

Artwork being hung at the wrong height is a common mistake that is all too easy to make. When testing the location that your canvas print will hang, it’s essential that you take any key pieces of furniture or your interior into account for a more cohesive and appealing look. If you are creating a gallery wall, cluster of prints or are using an oversized print, make sure to use a mantle or the piece of furniture that is closest to the wall as a guide to where the top of your canvas should sit.

For example, matching it to the top of a wardrobe or bookcase will maintain a sense of balance in your room. For smaller canvases, copy the art gallery rule and hang your prints at eye-level (usually, 60 inches) for the best result. Expert tip: Figuring out exactly where your canvas will go is perhaps the most important part of the hanging process. Don’t rush this. Make sure to stand back and look at your room and the wall as a whole, before committing to hammer and nails.

3. Gather the right tools

Making sure that you have all the right tools to hand makes the process of hanging your canvas even easier. Forget having to awkwardly rummage through drawers or toolboxes whilst you’re halfway through the hanging process. You will need: Screwdriver Spirit level Tape measure Pencil 1 x nail (You may need two for a larger canvas) Picture wire Picture hooks Hanger hook Expert tip: To ensure that your wall remains pristine whilst your canvas is hanging, buy two sticky pads which will stop the canvas corners from scuffing and creating damage.

4. Measure and mark your wall

To avoid multiple holes and pencil marks on the wall behind your canvas print, follow these four failproof steps that will give perfect results. 1. Measure your canvas print height. 2. Divide your canvas print height number by two. 3. Add this number to your chosen height. 4. Subtract the distance between the top of your canvas print and the highest point of the picture wire. 5. This final number is how high you will place your hook. Measure it from the floor and mark it with a pencil. Expert tip: If you’re unsure about where to add your marking, you can use small pieces of masking tape or stickers instead.


5. Hang your canvas print

Now comes the easy part! Hammer your nail into the hanger hook and wall. Make sure that your nail is at an angle as this will add to its strength and the longevity of your canvas position. Expert tip: Hammering into a wall often results in some brick dust. A simple tea towel placed underneath the hanging site can avoid this.

6. Ensure that your canvas is level

Once you’ve hung your canvas on the wall, use your spirit level to ensure that it is straight. If necessary, you may need to adjust your canvas position slightly. Finally, stand back and enjoy your new canvas print!  P

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