Famous singers who cannot sing without autotune

Enrique Iglesias, Selena Gómez or Justin Bieber have something in common. They are singers who, without autotune, are nothing. Do not miss the videos of their performances.

“Nowadays anyone can be a singer”. It is a statement that is increasingly heard. And with the arrival of new technologies, we have reached a point where you can modulate your voice and look like an excellent singer. This is the case of these famous singers who cannot sing without autotune. That is to say, a tool with which the voice is modulated so that it is perfect. Of course, then in the live shows that everything that glitters is not gold.

What would become of some famous singers without autotune? The program that edits their voices and eliminates any type of cock or detunes. It is clear that many are there to be more of a marketing product or simply because of everything they represent on stage. We introduce you to famous singers who cannot sing without autotune.

Justin Bieber
It has to make a monument to autotune. You just have to listen to him live to check it. And if above, as it has happened on some occasion, you forget the lyrics, then it is to worry.

Nicki Minaj
Do not miss this video because that’s how you listen to This is how you hear Nicki Minaj without autotune.

Britney Spears
Another chapter of famous singers who cannot sing without autotune, Brittney Spears starred. Someone has published a recording in which the “Princess of Pop” sings her single ‘Alien’ without autotune and not exactly as on the album.

Katy Perry
It is clear that Katy is one of the artists with more power and good vibes on stage, but it can not be denied that her live loses a lot. Fortunately, he is living a great moment now, as he seems to have returned with Orlando Bloom.

Enrique Iglesias
Spain does not get rid of this list of famous singers who cannot sing without autotune. Julio’s son and you know it, has been more ridiculous when he had to sing without technical help. You can not miss this video.

Selena Gomez
His albums and music videos sound perfect, but when he has live performances he sometimes sounds a little different. Although on Instagram she is the queen, on stage she leaves a lot to be desired.

Undoubtedly, this autotune would have liked to have Manel Navarro, representative of Spain in Eurovision, when he made a serious failure of intonation in the last edition of the festival.

Listen to some fragments of their presentations where they sing without autotune and we can appreciate their real voices. How about? Do you think the famous autotune should be banned?

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