The rain and the low temperatures spoil the Monday of Waters in Salamanca

The rain and low temperatures have prevented Salamanca residents from enjoying the traditional Monday Water in green areas of the capital and its surroundings to eat the traditional horizon, a typical product as a pie filled with chorizo, loin, ham and, in occasions, boiled egg.

The forecasts of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) had announced and so the merriment and the atmosphere of preparations that tend to occur in the city have been virtually non-existent.

The low temperatures have been to blame and in most cases, everyone had an alternative plan undercover to be able to taste the hornazo because the custom is what lasts.

For better occasion there have been places like the banks of the Tormes in the surroundings of the Roman Bridge, Valcuevo, Elio Antonio de Nebrija, Huerta Otea and Don Juan Tenorio, the Zurguén stream or the area of La Aldehuela crowded in other editions by innumerable gangs of young people and even by older people.

Despite this, the horizon has been the best selling product in recent days both in bakeries and supermarkets and cold meats shops because any place and excuse are good to taste.

Wheat flour, oil, milk, eggs, salt and yeast for the dough, and sausage, marinated loin, ham and boiled egg sometimes for filling make it a delicacy capable of competing in the best tables.

In fact, there is the Hornazo de Salamanca Guarantee Mark, protected by the Junta de Castilla y León, which aims to protect the identity of the traditional horizon, its production process and its ingredients with a regulation against other products.

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Those regulated by this ‘label’ have a minimum weight of 500 grams and a maximum of three kilos, although they may be higher if the client so demands.

However, what is involved is to keep alive the habit of going out to the countryside to eat the hornazo the following Monday that goes after Easter Sunday.

The origins of this pagan festival, whose roots are in the sixteenth century, belong to a history of deprivation and debauchery at the same time, of pious obedience and lustful waste.

Tradition has it that the Monday of Waters began to be celebrated after King Felipe II dictated, in 1570, an order by which it was established that “on feast days, Lent, four seasons and vigils, he said women are not winning. ”

During Lent, prostitutes from Salamanca crossed the river Tormes, towards Tejares, where they were confined until Monday of the octave of Easter, eight days after the end of Holy Week.

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His return to the city was done with a boat, adorned with branches and the Salamanca people crowded to the banks to receive them.

Today, years later, the crowd no longer looks for prostitutes, but they yearn for an afternoon of friends and a stay to enjoy.

However, despite the adverse weather forecasts, the City Council had deployed a special traffic and security device, as well as surveillance and control with the reinforcement of the canine units, as well as a special urban bus service.

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